quality solutions to solve the myriad and complicated problems faced by groundwater users

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Chemdrex Chemicals

We are dedicated to finding solutions to solve the myriad and complicated problems faced by groundwater users.

At Chemdrex, we believe everyone has the right to clean water. That's why, for more than 3 decades we have been offering water purification chemicals, water treatment consultation and quality water treatment solutions.

Our team is immensely talented, skilled, well-trained and passionate about their work. Not only do we offer great service to clients, the advice we offer to our clients is often invaluable.

Our water treatment products and services are backed by research, understanding of the problems encountered by groundwater users and last but not the least the advice based on the 50 years of accumulated experience of our Technical Owner-Manager, Gordon K. Monkman. Our patented chemical formulations and water treatment chemical supplies are developed to solve the problems that occur in over 90% of the water bores around the world. Take a look into our Products and Services sections to know more.

We are Australia's leading manufacturer and supplier of groundwater rehabilitation chemicals.

Since 1978 we are committed to bringing the most valuable water treatment solutions in Australia.  We pride ourselves in providing easy-to-use and effective water treatment chemicals.  Our years of experience backed by innovative technology solutions, products and services, help us in meeting different water purification and treatment needs.

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Water Bore Screens

Water bore screens are custom designed and manufactured as required in our Brisbane Factory. They are carefully packaged and dispatched via the best and quickest...

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Handling & Transport

The packaging is designed to meet the requirements of The Dept of Transport for road and rail. All the products are packaged in 20 litre drums or 20kg pails. This size is convenient for handling .

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